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Power Control Centres : PCC

  • Manufactured in Compliance to IS Standards & CPRI
  • Tested for Breaking Capacity upto 70/100KA and Maximum Equipment Rating 4000/6300A
  • Powder Coated with Standard Approved RAL Shades 7032 & 7035 : Siemens Grey
  • With Colour Coding ( as per RM Controls )
  • Shrouding / Busbar Separation is done by Metallic Rigid Barriers
  • Unique Finger Touch Proof Shrouding
  • Designed to provide ample space for Cable Terminations

Power Control Centres are being designed and manufactured upto 6300A rating, suitable for operational voltage of 415V in a 3 phase 4 wire distribution system with an insulation voltage upto 690V at an Ambient Temperature of 45 degree Celsius. The form of separation as IS 8623 is FORM IV. Short circuit withstand capacity is 70/100KA and degree of protection IP:54/55, both of these parameters are type tested. The Switchboards Offered are in Fixed and Semi Draw-Out type configuration with Single & Double Front Design.

Advantages of our Product

  • Integrated Safety
  • Increased Cost-Effectiveness
  • High Flexibility (Customized Design)
  • High level of Availability

Specifications :

System System 3 Phase, 3 or 4 Wire, 50 Hz
Rated Current Upto 6300A
Rated Service Voltage Upto 690V
Rated Insulation Upto 1000V
Short Time Current 70/100 KA for 1 Sec, 220 KA Peak
Degree of Protection Upto IP54/55
Form of Separation Upto Form 3 Type - 2
(optional Form 4 Type - 1 To 7)
Type Tested For Short Time Current
Temperature Rise
Degree of Protection
Designed Ambient 45 degree C
Bus Bar System Interleaved above 4000A
Busbar Copper or Aluminium
Application Operation, Control & Protection of
Distribution Network with or without
SCADA/BMS Connectivity

Double Busbar Power Control Centres

  • Double Bus Bar Arrangement to Receive Incoming Supply from two individual sources
  • Auto / Manual Changeover between Two Supply Sources